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We are specialists and we love what we do.

We understand the importance of innovation and professionalism.

Since our launch in 2019, vision and detail have been our focus. We deliver high value projects for our clients with an emphasis on communication and satisfaction.

We began Drone City with a mission to form a company that would offer flexibility and customer focus for construction firms, builders and contractors, real estate developers and agents, business owners, and those looking to simply add a new dimension to video and imagery.

We approach our clients in a way that centers them at the core of our business. We are dedicated to success and a commitment to build strong, long-lasting working relationships.


An inspired approach to quality residential, government and commercial projects

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Knowledge is key for delivering exceptional quality production. Our pilots and technicians are fully licensed and capable to meet the demands of any project.

We thoroughly vet each and every candidate for the project to ensure highest satisfaction.

Today we operate with the confidence to embrace the most challenging of projects.


Utilize specialized project management tools to oversee the entire design, planning and progress of a construction site.


Communicate project timelines with high resolution video and avoid pitfalls from early planning stages.

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Are you currently FAA Part 107 licensed? Interested in becoming a remote pilot with Drone City? Contact us, we can help!

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Aerial Video & Imaging, FLIR® Heat Mapping, Live Broadcasting, Augmented Inspections, Construction, Building, & More.

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Hold a Part 107 Remote Pilot in Command Certificate with sUAS Rating.
Strict compliance with all FAA Part 107 sUAS rules and regulations.
Serve as a respectable member of Drone City and provide superior customer service.
Interact with Drone City members in a professional and courteous manner.
Possess thorough understanding of the capabilities, limitations and sensor payloads of the UAS system in flight.
Conduct pre-mission briefs, complete safety risk assessment prior to flight and after-flight reviews upon post-flight.
Basic understanding of photography concepts and applications.
Keep very articulate flight logs and use a visual line of sight observer when necessary.
Solve problems that arise on the ground in real-time and perform limited sUAS equipment troubleshooting in the field.
Organize and deliver acquired data in a timely manner to Drone City for processing.

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When you hire us for services, you know you’re getting highly qualified professionals who have the expertise and experience to make sure your project is done properly.

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Solutions for industrial, construction, engineering, real estate, arts, entertainment & more.

We offer a variety of aerial visual services. Building off of the principles of fairness and simplicity, we will provide our work around your budget.

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